Elk Meadow Park Hike

ElkMeadow05 It’s only a quick drive from down town Denver to this Evergreen, Colorado park that offers 17.1 trail miles to hike, bike, or ride.  Its got meadows, forested areas,variable terrain, and great views. It is a very popular park and you may have to park on the road, but you’ll likely only run into a handful of people. Elk Meadow Park is about 30 minutes from Denver and is managed by Jefferson County Open Space. This park is very accessible and has several options for making different loops for hiking or biking or horseback riding. The park also offers free trail maps at the trailheads. Summary
  • Hike Distance: Many different combinations of trails- 0.3 to 17.1 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Seasons: All
  • Dogs: Allowed On Leash 
  • Denver Drive Time: 35 min
  • Driving Directions to Elk Meadow Park: Google Maps Directions
  • Nearest Services: Evergreen, Colorado
  • Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, horse back riding, picnicking, dog park across the street
  • Website: Jefferson County Open Space, Elk Meadow Park

Theses are the really cool seeds of a mountain mahogany shrub

The trails at this park range from easy to moderately difficult. Most of the trails are fairly easy with low grades and smooth terrain. The trail up to Bergen Peak is somewhat steep and can be characterized as moderate to difficult as you gain a couple thousand feet in elevation. ElkMeadow01 Parks and trails like these along the Front Range foothills are awesome escapes during the shoulder seasons (when the high mountains are likely covered with snow) and still fairly accessible through the winter (when the high mountains are definitely covered with snow). ElkMeadow06 Example Route There are many combinations of trails you can take to make a unique trip depending on what you want to do, see, and your time commitment.  For example you can make a large loop with a little extension loop for a nice and mellow mountain biking trip or for a quick hike when its really cold outside you could do a nice 2.5 mile loop that is mostly exposed so you could stay in the sun. My example route takes you through Ponderosa and Douglas Fir forests and then through sprawling meadows with great views.  This route is mostly easy with occasional moderate parts. Trail                            Miles Meadow View Trail  2.7 mi Founder’s Trail         0.6 mi Painter’s Pause         0.3 mi Sleepy “S” Trail        1.1 mi Meadow View Trail 0.3 mi Total                          5 mi Below I snapped a photo of the trail map provided at the trailhead and highlighted the described route. ElkMeadow09 ElkMeadow04 ElkMeadow07 ElkMeadow08